Snake River Fly Fishing

fly fishing the snake river grand teton

Snake River Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole

Fly fishing on the Snake River is an experience you won’t forget. This river is created by the confluence of three small creeks in Yellowstone National Park. Then the Snake River makes an impressive 1,078-mile journey from the corner of Western Wyoming, all the way to the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest.

Experience¬†a unique and incredible scenic portion of this expansive river with our Jackson Hole fishing guides. The Snake River is just minutes away from the town of Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park making it an easy journey to some of the best fly fishing in Jackson Hole. Often called the ‘hatchery stretch, Wilson Bridge to South Park boating landing boasts a variety of bugs, birds, plant life, wildlife, and more. From small midge in the spring to large stone flies in the fall, the Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat are sure to be biting.

This section of the Snake River is vast and braided, offering many “fishy” side channels. There is plenty of room for everyone to fish. Jackson Hole fly fishing on the Snake offers the “River Runs Through It” experience for beginners, experienced anglers, and anyone in between!

Fly fishing on the Snake is great for all groups and experience levels. From small kids on our family fishing trips to lifetime anglers our Jackson Hole fly fishing guides are ready to get everyone on fish! Your guide will talk you through the whole process, from which bug is best for that time of day and year, to why the fish live in certain spots on the river. Then you will take a few minutes for a casting lesson, learning how to maneuver the fly. Finally, it is time to catch some fish!

fly fishing snake river grand teton
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