Snake River Fly Fishing

fly fishing the snake river grand teton

Snake River Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole

Fly fishing on the Snake River is an experience you won’t forget. This river is created by the confluence of three small creeks in Yellowstone National Park. Then the Snake River makes an impressive 1,078-mile journey from the corner of Western Wyoming, all the way to the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest.

Experience a unique and incredible scenic portion of this expansive river with our Jackson Hole fishing guides. The Snake River is just minutes away from the town of Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park making it an easy journey to some of the best fly fishing in Jackson Hole. Often called the ‘hatchery stretch, Wilson Bridge to South Park boating landing boasts a variety of bugs, birds, plant life, wildlife, and more. From small midge in the spring to large stone flies in the fall, the Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat are sure to be biting.

This section of the Snake River is vast and braided, offering many “fishy” side channels. There is plenty of room for everyone to fish. Jackson Hole fly fishing on the Snake offers the “River Runs Through It” experience for beginners, experienced anglers, and anyone in between!

Fly fishing on the Snake is great for all groups and experience levels. From small kids on our family fishing trips to lifetime anglers, our Jackson Hole fly fishing guides are ready to get everyone on fish! Your guide will talk you through the whole process, from which bug is best for that time of day and year, to why the fish live in certain spots on the river. Then you will take a few minutes for a casting lesson, learning how to maneuver the fly. Finally, it is time to catch some fish!


Standard 16′ Drift Boat (1-2 guests) This classic style fishing drift-boat is perfect for experienced anglers or guests looking to advance their fly fishing skills. Because of it’s size, the 16ft boat is easy to maneuver into small side channels and natural spring creeks that hold large Cutthroat, Rainbow, and Brown trout. 

  • Half Day 1-2 guests: $650
  • Full Day 1-2 guests: $750

18′ Clackamax Drift Boat (3-5 guests) Guest Weight Limit of 850lb. Max of 4 adults or 5 guests with children. The Clackamax is a custom Driftboat that is perfect for families and groups. This larger drift boat holds up to 5 guests plus the guide. Enjoy the fishing experience by watching the kids hook up or even spark a fun competition between friends.

  • Half Day 3 guests: $825
  • Half Day 4 guests: $975
  • Half Day 5 guests: $1,150

  • Full Day 3 guests: $1,025
  • Full Day 4 guests: $1,075
  • Full Day 5 guests: $1,350

Walk and Wade Trips: 
For those who truly want to get their toes wet!

  • Half Day 1-2 guests: $550
  • Half Day 3 guests: $725
  • Full Day 1-2 guests: $650
  • Full Day 3 guests: $925

For more than 3 guests additional guides are needed.

*18% gratuity is added to all trips for the guide.

Time of Year:

The Snake River fishes best from June 25th (depending on spring run-off) to October 31st. 

Do I need experience?

No experience necessary! Our guides are happy to work with and teach all individuals, whether they are beginners, intermediate, or advanced anglers. All we ask is that you bring a positive learning attitude!

What if I want to spin (traditional) fish?

We love both spin fishing and fly fishing! For spin fishing, we always cut two hooks off and pinch the barb down to ensure we do not hurt the fish. Spin fishing works especially well in our family boats, but we can always do one or the other, or both. When your guide reaches out the day before the trip let them know of any preferences you have. Spin fishing is productive on most rivers we guide but there are certain conditions where fly fishing is preferred.

Where do I get my fishing license?

If your trip is booked in the months of May or June, please wait to purchase a fishing license until we confirm which body of water is fishing best. If your trip is in the months of July, August, September, or October you can purchase your license here:

Children 14 and under do not need a license when accompanied by a licensed adult.

What should I bring?

Sunglasses are a must for everyone on a fishing trip! This is to protect your eyes from any hooks. Other recommend items include:

  • Appropriate clothing for the forecasted weather. Morning and evening are generally cooler, while midday heats up quickly. Bring extra jackets that you can shed as the day goes on. Light and airy clothing are great for the summer months. In the spring and fall non-cotton clothing like fleece or wool is best.
  • Sunscreen, hats, and comfortable shoes
  • Lunch if you would like
  • Cameras and phones are ok to bring but are always brought at the discretion of the guest.

Are food and drinks provided?

We provide a cooler full of water and snacks on all trips. Snacks generally consist of beef jerky, chips, and crackers/cookies for kids. Guests can provide their own lunch on half and full-day trips.

Where do we meet?

At the time of booking, we will decide on the best meeting location. Your guide will text you the day before the trip to confirm the time and location. If you do not have a rental car, we can pick you up. For guests with a rental car, we appreciate meeting at designated locations as some hotels and neighborhoods are tight for the guide to drive their boat through.

Where will we fish?

Which body of water we fish depends on the time of year and conditions. Here is a breakdown of generally where we fished based on the date: These dates can vary from year to year.

  • Snake River: June 25th – October 31st
  • Lewis Lake: May 27th – July 1st
  • Green River: May 1 – July 31st
  • Salt River: June 25th – September 30th

How long is my trip?

Half-day trips can vary in length from 4 hours to 8 hours in total, depending on the location. The Snake River is 10 minutes from Jackson, which makes trips on the Snake generally last around 5 hours in total (driving to the river, restrooms, etc) with 4 hours on the water. The Green River and Lewis Lake are both 1 hour and 20 minutes from Jackson. The Salt River is about 45 minutes.

What if it is raining?

Fishing can sometimes be better in the rain! With that said, trips go out rain or shine. If there is weather in the forecast, we can provide waders, boots, Helly Hansen rain pants, and Helly Hansen raincoats.

What is the age minimum?

Our age minimum is 4 years old.

What about restroom facilities?

There are restrooms located at the start and end of each float trip.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Because river boats are much smaller compared to ocean boats, we do have a weight limit. Our small boats have a guest’s weight limit of 500 pounds (distrusted relatively evenly between 2 people). Our group and family big boats have a guest weight limit of 850 pounds.

fly fishing snake river grand teton
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Please call 307-699-3986 to book your next fly fishing adventure. If you have any questions please contact us!