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Florida Keys Flats Fishing

There isn’t a better way to experience the Florida Keys than a guided fishing adventure!

Our guides believe that everyone deserves to experience the crystal-clear water while coming tight to some of the amazing fish that call the Keys home.

Any successful fishing trip requires patience, knowledge, energy and most importantly, fun! Our professional guides are prepared with the right equipment and experience to give guests an experience they will never forget.

The Experience:

  • 2, 4, 6, & 8-hour trip options for up to 3 guests
  • Fly, light tackle, and live bait fishing trips are available
  • Locations include Islamorada, Big Pine, Key West, and the surrounding areas

Pricing starts at $400
Full price chart below

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Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, we have a trip that will fit your needs. If you have any questions please contact us!

fly fishing in the Florida Keys


Big Pine Key

Big Pine and The Lower Keys hold some of the best flats and mangrove fishing around. The endless flats and deep basins offer tarpon, permit, and bonefish all year long. Big Pine also falls on track with large numbers of migrating tarpon. These saltwater giants demand focus patience but there is nothing like seeing a tarpon explode from the water. You could spend years exploring these waters and never truly touch every fishing opportunity!


 Islamorada is one of the most famous backcountry fly fishing locations in the Keys. This prime location sits perfectly between the Atlantic Ocean and the backcountry of Florida Bay. Home to tarpon, permit, bonefish and several other species, Islamorada is an angler’s paradise. There is a reason many tournaments are hosted here. However, with the vast backcountry mangroves there is plenty of room for every to try their hand at a tight line!

Key West

Key West undoubtedly played a key role in the development of modern-day flats fishing. Known best for permit fishing, Key West is a paradise full of turtle grass and crystal-clear water. It is common to look across the flat and see a tailing permit. This island at the end of the road also holds a maze of channels and flats making it a great year-round location for tarpon. Key West has the variety needed for any fishing adventure and great nightlife after a long day on the water!

sight fishing in the florida keys

Get to Know Your Fish


The Silver Kings as many anglers call them, tarpon are the giants of the flats. Weighing anywhere from 50 to 200 pounds, Tarpon are known for their long, powerful runs and exploding leaps out of the water. Spring is prime time for thousands of migrating tarpon in the Keys, but many backcountry areas house resident tarpon as well. This combination is what makes the Keys one of the best tarpon fisheries in the world.

tarpon in the Florida keys fly fishing


Permit, or the black tailed devils, are some of the hardest saltwater fish to catch, but that is what draws so many anglers to them. Their large tail and sleek body allow them to turbo across a flat in record time. This species, usually 20 to 50 pounds in size is spooky, finicky and will reject the perfect cast without notice. But, when you do hook up with a permit, get ready for the fight of a lifetime.

permit in the florida keys


Known as the grey ghosts on the flats, bonefish should be on every angler list. Bonefish are usually found shallow on the flats in just a few feet of water. Their translucent-grey coloring demands a good eye and an accurate cast. Once you’re hooked, these fish run hard and fast. Many guides and angler will tell you the Bonefish population is alive and well in the Keys.

bonefish in the florida keys


The tiger of the flats, or barracuda, are a prime target species in the winter months. From around November through March these predators stalk small baitfish in the shallow water flats. Their long slender bodies allow them to cruise shallow water and hunt in the reefs. Swimming at 25 miles per hour, these fish put up a great fight.

barracuda fishing in the florida keys

While tarpon, permit, bonefish, and Barracuda usually get all the craze, there are a plethora of other saltwater species to chase including red fish, sharks, snook, spotted sea trout, jack crevalle, snapper and more! All these fish contribute to the unique fisheries of the Florida Keys and make any trip unforgettable.


Please see below for information on rates, trip duration and trip recommendations.

2 Hour
4 Hour
Half Day
6 Hour
3/4 Day
8 Hour
Full Day
1-2 Guests$400$600$700$800
3 Guests$450$675$800$900
Best Fit ForGreat introduction to fishing for beginners
The perfect amount of time to explore the water and get into fish.
A couple extra hours means a couple extra opportunities for fish.Perfect for an experienced angler looking to hook the big one.


Are Food and Beverages included?

We provide ice waters, sodas, and snacks including beef jerky and chips. Guests need to bring their own lunch.

What Else is included?

Fishing licenses for everyone on board

All the fishing gear and tackle



Rain Gear

What should I bring?




Extra layers and clothing appropriate for the season

Non-slip shoes


It is customary to tip your captain 20-25% of the trip cost. Our captains work hard to make sure the equipment is clean, guests get opportunities for a tight line, and return to land in one piece. Gratuity is greatly appreciated.

Can we keep the fish?

Almost all the fishing we do is catch and release. There are many people who come to experience and enjoy this fishery, so we like to take good care of the fish for generations to come. There are a few species we can keep such as snapper, but please contact your guide to discuss these options.

I am worried about getting seasick…can I still go?

Yes, you can still get out and enjoy the water. Flats and backcountry fishing are very different from deep sea fishing. We stay in shallow water, so you don’t feel the rolling waves.

Does the boat have a bathroom?

No bathrooms on our boats or most fishing boats for that matter! We recommend using the restroom before we hit that water. While we are on the water, we have supplies in the boat for when mother nature calls.

Do you cancel because of weather?

We rarely cancel due to weather, but it does come up. This decision will be made by the captain the morning of your trip, or we may start a few hours later. If there is weather forecasted, we provide durable Helly Hansen raincoats and pants. If we decide to cancel due to weather, we will try and rebook your trip. If your schedule does not allow, we will provide a full refund.

Please call 307-699-3986 to book. If you have any questions please contact us!