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The Best Fly Fishing in Wyoming – From the Experts

Top Fly Fishing Rivers in Wyoming

If you asked a group of lifelong Wyoming anglers where you can find the best fly fishing in Wyoming, each answer may be different. Responses may be based on where they best bonded with their fly fishing buddies, caught the biggest fish, or experienced the best conditions on the river. It’s the question that can spark a spirited argument among the best fishing friends.

But one thing is sure – no expert angler can deny that these rivers should be near the top of the list. As life-long anglers, our team has insider info and experience to answer this age-old question confidently. 

From beginner-friendly fly fishing in Jackson Hole to challenging alpine river sections boiling with trout, you could pocket your best day on the river with any of these spots. 

Here are our picks for the rivers with the best fly fishing in Wyoming: 

  1. Snake River
  2. Green River
  3. Salt River
man holding brown trout while fly fishing in jackson hole

Snake River

  • Good for catching: Spotted Cutthroat
  • Best time of year: End of June through October
  • Angler experience levels: All levels
  • Recommended Flies: Waterwalker, Parachute Adams, Pat’s Rubber Leg, White Zonker

If you want to plan a Jackson Hole fly fishing trip, this would be our first recommendation. Born from the merging of three small creeks in Yellowstone National Park, Snake River provides world-class fly fishing just minutes from Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. 

Thanks to ample space to work with and several “fishy” side channels to leverage, Snake River fly fishing is perfect for groups with differing angler experience levels. The well-known ‘hatchery stretch’ between Wilson Bridge and the South Park boating landing boasts a variety of bugs, birds, plant life, wildlife, and more to keep things interesting. Book a fly fishing trip on the Snake River with The Wandering Angler.

If you want a break from the action without missing a moment on the river, try floating it! Teton Scenic Float Tours can take you on a calm and comfortable tour of the Snake River, with all of the stunning Teton wildlife and scenery to keep you company.

fly fishing the snake river from a drift boat

Green River

  • Good for catching: Larger fish, Browns, Rainbows
  • Best time of year: May through July
  • Angler experience levels: All levels
  • Recommended flies: StoneFlies, Hot Orange Worms, Pheasant Tails, Brown Crelex

Starting in the Wind River Range, the Green River provides deep pools and a wide-open terrain that makes for some fantastic fly fishing. Thanks to the StoneFly Hatch during June and early July, the river can boil with multiple types of trout as the water clears up. 

If you’re looking to hook some bigger fish, Green River should be near the top of your list. You’ll find an average fish size of 15-17 inches, but it’s not uncommon to land a 22-incher if you get lucky. 

As this river winds through a mix of private and public property, it’s essential to understand when anglers must stay on the boat and where to find great public access fly fishing spots. Taking on the Green River with a guide is an excellent option if you don’t want to risk rule-breaking. We provide half and full-day trips to the Green River, so you get the most out of your fishing experience.

rainbow trout while fly fishing the green river

Salt River

  • Good for catching: Cutthroat and Brown Trout
  • Best time of year: July through September
  • Angler experience levels: All levels
  • Recommended flies: Red Copper John, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Chocolate Peanut, White Dungeon

To find some off-the-beaten-track fly fishing, head to the Salt River Mountain Range. Above the alpines, you’ll find one of Wyoming’s best-kept fly fishing secret spots. Salt River fly fishing has an exciting amount of trout to catch, and the surrounding mountain views are unmatched. 

The grassy plains and minimal trees of the lower section give beginners the perfect place to practice their cast. Learn helpful tips from our expert guides on a Salt River fly fishing trip with The Wandering Angler. For intermediate and advanced anglers that want to take on a worthy challenge, the river’s upper reaches require skillful casts around fallen trees and tight banks. But with the right skill, the trout yield can be impressive.

a guide holding a cutthroat trout while fly fishing on the salt river

Honorable Mentions

The above rivers will always be our go-tos, but with so many options to consider, it’s impossible not to mention just a few more. 

  • Lewis Lake is  is an excellent option for fly fishing near Jackson Hole for Fine-Spotted Cutthroat and lake trout.
  • The Gros Ventre River offers a phenomenal fishing backdrop and an impressive number of cutthroat trout to catch. 

All of these rivers can provide a day of the best fly fishing in Wyoming, but only if you know where to go. With our expert Jackson Hole fly fishing guides, you will always cast out in the middle of the action. From transportation to the necessary fishing gear to expert tips, our Wandering Angler team will ensure you have a successful day on the river. Reach out to our team to plan your trip fly fishing in Jackson Hole.

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