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Flat Creek Fishing

Flat Creek is one of the premier walk and wade streams in Jackson Hole. This pristine creek holds large cutthroat trout with expansive Teton views in the background. Located in the National Elk Refuge, Flat Creek is only open from August through October, which makes it that much more special. The limited season aids in the conservation of the trout, allowing for enjoyment for years to come.

Located just a few miles from the town of Jackson, Flat Creek is a great option for both half and full day walk wade trips. There is plenty of water to explore and the flat geography makes it the ideal walk wade location. There is no match for world class water, Teton views, and large trout!

Gros Ventre River Fishing

The Gros Ventre is also located in the famed National Elk Refuge and is another great stream for walk and wade trips. Located just North of Flat Creek, the Gros Ventre flows adjacent to the Teton Mountain Range before joining the mighty Snake River.

This small river is nestled in the trees and offers anglers a true backcountry stream experience. In addition to its abundant trout population, this area is also home to moose, elk and other wildlife. The Gros Ventre truly checks all the boxes – trout, views, and wildlife!

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Cubic Feet per Second (CFS) is a common measurement for rivers around the world. In the spring when the snow melts, western rivers often reach their highest CFS, while in the fall and winter is when rivers reach their lowest CFS. This measurement is very helpful when determining current river and fishing conditions for Flat Creek and Gros Ventre River fishing! 

gros ventre river at kelly wy CFS graph
flat creek below cache creek cfs graph