Salt River fly fishing in the lower reaches boasts grassy banks and minimal trees, making it a great river for beginners to learn fly casting. Our Jackson Hole fly fishing guides will talk you through the whole process, from fly to casting to the best trout habitat. The upper reaches of the Salt River require skillful casting under fallen trees and tight banks. Once your fly is in the right spot you are sure to see a large Brown or Cutthroat trout come out of hiding to eat! This section of the Salt River allows intermediate and advanced anglers to put their skills to the test. 

A short 45-minute drive from the town of Jackson, the Salt River carves through a lush valley before flowing into Palisades reservoir. Although this river is close to the Jackson hub, there is undoubtable solitude to be found on the water.

Often visited by Native Americans and early pioneers for its exposed salt beds, this river was–and still is–not known only for salt, but also for abundant game and fish. The Salt River riparian zone is home to Cutthroat, Brown, and Rainbow Trout, as well as abundant wildlife.

High above the alpine of the Salt River Mountain Range, the Salt River seeps through the rocks of Mount Wagner. This is the beginning of its 84-mile-long journey. This small, intimate river is one of Wyoming’s best-kept secrets, and fly fishing the Salt River in Wyoming is an unforgettable experience.


Below, you’ll find the latest USGS graph displaying the current Cubic Feet per Second (CFS) discharge of the Salt River. This key metric varies with the seasons, with the highest flows usually seen in spring, driven by snowmelt from nearby mountains. As the colder months arrive, the CFS tends to decrease, indicating a calmer, lower-volume state of the river. Keeping track of these CFS trends is highly beneficial for assessing current fishing conditions, as they significantly influence the river’s environment and the behavior of fish. Refer to this graph to stay updated on the Salt River’s fly fishing conditions, ensuring both safety and effectiveness in your fishing endeavors.