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fly fishing in yellowstone national park

Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park

Learn about fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park and insights into prime fishing locations, regulations, and essential techniques for anglers. From the Lewis Lake to the Firehole River, uncover the secrets of this iconic angling destination.
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Float Trip in the Winter
February 17, 2015

  Mike, Andy, and Jenn went out to fish the Snake a couple of days ago. Fishing was great and they were the only person on the water.  

Perfect weather
September 13, 2014

The weather has been perfect.  This gal is fishing with us for five days in a row!

One Fly Scouting
September 7, 2014

      I scouted a few side channels of the Snake River for Andy Bergin.  Found a few measurable fish for the One Fly.

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