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The Ultimate Guide to Fall Fly Fishing in Wyoming

Once the summer crowds head home for the year, fall fly fishing invites you back to the river like an old friend. The changing leaves make for a majestic backdrop while you cast out into a bounty of happy trout enjoying the colder waters. With so much opportunity on our rivers in the autumn, fly fishing in the fall may become your favorite time of year to get out into the current. 

As the seasons change, so do our angling techniques. Here is what you need to know about Wyoming fly fishing in the fall. 

guide holding a fish on a guided fly fishing trips in wyoming on the snake river

Benefits of Fall Fly Fishing

Why make the trip out to the river for some fall fly fishing? Here are our favorite reasons:

Fewer boats and anglers

Those who think summer is the only time to enjoy fly fishing are out of the river, leaving tons of space and fish ripe for the catching. 

Fall hatches 

While spring and summer hatches may produce more dramatic action, fall hatches are as exciting as they are fleeting.

Spectacular dry fly fishing

In our humble opinion, this is one of the best times of year to experience consistently successful dry fly fishing results. So instead of working up a sweat casting in and out, you can enjoy this sport in its purest and gentlest form – dropping a tiny dry in just the right spot for a curious trout to find. 

guide while dry fly fishing in the fall in Jackson Hole wyoming

Wyoming Fall Fly Fishing Tips:

  • Be prepared with the right gear. For fall fly fishing in Wyoming, you could encounter rain, snow, wind, or sun – maybe all on the same day. That means layers, waterproof jackets, and breathable waders. This also means having a good variety of flies to maximize your success on the river. If you’re on a Jackson Hole fly fishing trip with Wandering Angler, we will provide all the fishing gear you need.
  • Get the timing right. There are right and wrong times to hop on the river, and timing your trips around fall hatches will impact the outcome of your fall fly fishing excursion. Check out our favorite fall fly fishing spots below to see the best time to visit each river. If you have any additional questions about timing your fall fly fishing trip, reach out to our team.
  • Not feeling confident about planning your trip? Opting for a trip with our Jackson Hole fly fishing guides will ensure you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right gear to make the most of your time on the river. 

Techniques and Best Flies for Fall Trout Fishing

Fly Fishing Techniques:

The name of the game is versatility. You may need to use multiple techniques to land the best catches throughout the day. Dead-drifting can be especially successful in hooking the fish that aren’t as active during this time. Dry and streamer fishing can be dependable options this time of year, depending on the time of day. Aiming for riffles, eddies and seams is also a great strategy. 

Best Flies for Fall Trout Fishing:

best flies for fall fly fishing

Nymphs – Try pairing your nymph with a dry-dropper rig or double nymph rig with six to seven feet of leader. 

Dries – In the early fall, noon to late afternoon can usually be a good time for dry fly fishing. Dry-dropper rigs with three to six feet of dropper tippet can produce a good and consistent result.

Streamers – Most consistent after 11 am. Try for floating lines and sinking tips in the 3 inches per second range in shallow water and short lengths of 8 inches per second in deeper water. 

Best Places to Fly Fish in the Fall in Wyoming

Snake River Fly Fishing

  • Best time to visit: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Best for Catching: Cutthroat 
  • Dry Flies: Mary Kays, Purple Burces, Circus Peanuts
  • Nymphs: Duracells, Keller’s Peach Fuzz, Brillion’s Lucent Jig
  • Guided tour: Fly fishing on the Snake River

Mid-morning through early evening is a great time to visit Snake River to catch cutthroats trying to fatten up for the upcoming colder months. The fickle fall weather makes for exciting fishing that can change at any moment – you may find Hecubas, mahogany duns and BWOs dominating on wet days. No matter the weather, the Snake River will provide a stunning day on the water. 

snake river fly fishing guide holding a fish

Salt River Fly Fishing

  • Best time to visit: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Best for Catching: Cutthroat, Brown
  • Dry Flies: Micro Peanuts, Micro Mary Kays, Micro Bruces
  • Nymphs: Duracells, Hustler CDC Lights, Prince Nymphs
  • Guided tour: Fly Fishing the Salt River in Wyoming

Salt River fly fishing can be productive well into November and offers a fantastic opportunity to get in some nymph and streamer fishing for some trophy Browns. A more intimate river, you could enjoy a full day of fall fishing without another boat in sight. 

salt river fall fly fishing with jackson hole fly fishing guides

With our expert Jackson Hole fly fishing guides, you will always cast out in the middle of the action, no matter the season. From transportation to the necessary fishing gear to expert tips, our Wandering Angler team will ensure you have a successful day on the river. Reach out to our team to plan your fall fly fishing trip in Jackson Hole.

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